While Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, has had some awesome meetings since taking over the CU Football program, this was the meeting we've been most excited about. CU's live buffalo mascot, Ralphie VI. How'd it go?

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Coach Prime Deion Sanders Makes College Football In Colorado Relevant Again

Yes, I know with us being based in Northern Colorado, this is CSU Rams and UNC Bears Country, but how can you not be at least a little interested in what's going on in Boulder, Colorado, with the University of Colorado Buffalo's Football team? Deion Sanders, or as he's more famously known these days, Coach Prime, is out on a mission to make CU Buffalo Football matter again. With the CU spring game selling out with the biggest crowd expected for this particular game in the team's history, I'd say people are excited. Even if you're not truly a Buffs fan, you're paying attention. Hopefully, CSU is paying attention too, because we'd love this kind of hype and excitement again for our beloved Rams.

Coach Prime Deion Sanders Meets CU Mascot Ralphie VI For The First Time

Recently, Coach Prime met with one of the most important members of the University of Colorado football team, its real buffalo mascot, Ralphie. If you've ever been to a CU game a Folsium Field, you've no doubt seen Ralphie make her run across the field. Prime got to meet Ralphie VI, and as you can see, she intimidated him just a little.

I'll be honest, I'd have probably lost my mind watching that huge animal darting right toward me. No, thank you! Coach seemed to handle it fairly well, all things considered. I'd bet that's the last time he does that particular activity though. Be interesting to see what the Buffs, Rams, and Bears all do this season with all of the changes made with all three programs. Broncos too. Bring on the boys of fall, already.

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