With it being over a week into November now, you may be wondering where the snow is (aside from a few flurries that haven't stuck). And, it's possible that snow may be on the way for the Fort Collins area this week. Note that we said 'possible.' 

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It's time to locate your ice scraper (maybe). According to the National Weather Service, on Monday and Tuesday, Fort Collins is expected to be pretty dry and mild with highs in the 50s, but on Wednesday, things may change (we think).

The National Weather Service is reporting a mostly sunny day on Wednesday, even nearing the upper 50s, but also a 20 percent chance of snow showers accompanied by wind gusts, so do with that information what you will. The overnight chance of precipitation on Wednesday is currently at 30 percent. Those showers, however, are expected to continue into Thursday, with a slight chance of snow before 3 p.m. and again before midnight.

'After a weekend of above normal temperatures... an incoming system will bring chances for showers by mid-week with a chance for snow to mix in overnight Wednesday,' the National Weather Service tweeted.

Thursday is expected to be close to 50 degrees and sunny, too (somehow), so if it does in fact snow, it's likely it won't stick to the ground. But, us snow-lovers can only hope. You can see the full confusing forecast from the National Weather Service here.

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