I am... really glad this family is alive to have told this story and even be joking about it.

It's a toughie.  Expiration dates on food are completely arbitrary and unregulated, thus just a dumb way to make people 'feel' safe when shopping.  We also realize no business wants to be liable for making someone sick or killing them; so, why pay attention to expiration dates at all??  Because of these dates, in fact, tons and tons of food get thrown away that are actually fine to eat.  Where's the line?

Three days ago, Anthea and Josiah Carelse, and their 11-year-old daughter Layla, purchased a box of 100% Natural Granola cereal from Walmart in Littleton and started eating it; and then realized it expired in 1997.

Like the family itself, Denver 7 found itself reminiscing about what life was like in 1997.

The wife stopped after two bites, but the husband finished a whole bowl.

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