At the corner of Sixth Street and Lincoln in downtown Loveland sits a building that's home to the headquarters of Voice of Prophecy. Many might wonder what it is.

Though many in the Loveland area may not know what goes on in this building, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide do.

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Thousands of vehicles drive down Lincoln Avenue in downtown every day, passing by this uniquely designed building and pondered what it is. I had a vague understanding of what it is, but reached out to them to get more information.

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Voice of Prophecy moved into this building in Loveland in 2015, moving its headquarters in Simi Valley, California, to Colorado. Technically, with Voice of Prophecy moving headquarters back to Colorado, it was like coming back home.

Folks may or may not be familiar with the Seventh-day Adventists' private boarding school in Campion, Campion Academy. One of the education buildings on campus is the HMS Richards Adventists School (preschool through eighth grade), where kids go to school before the academy. That school is named after the man who created the Voice of Prophecy.


The Voice of Prophecy ministry dates back to 1929, beginning in the area of Long Beach, California, as one of the very first religious programs to air across the country. By 1980, HMS Richards' weekly broadcasts were heard on 700 stations across the U.S. and had a budget of $6 million.

Today, The Voice of Prophecy - 'Equipping the World for Christ to Come' has expanded greatly and is led by Pastor Shawn Boostra. Boostra has served in ministries for nearly 30 years as a pastor, speaker, and television and radio host There are approximately 40 ministry employees, most of whom work in the Loveland headquarters.

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