If you compare an activity to watching the grass grow, it's probably something pretty boring...but apparently people are into that sort of thing – like literally watching grass grow on a live stream from a yard in Colorado. 

Alek Komarnitsky, of Boulder County, broadcasts a live feed from his front lawn all day, every day, that has millions logging on from all over the world just to watch his grass grow. Really. The site has been up and running for 10 years now, and Komarnitsky has yet to figure out why people are so fascinated with the footage. Viewers have even stopped by Komarnitsky's property to see the lawn up-close and in person, as well as a local news station, who was on-site for the first mow of 2017. The Lafayette resident occasionally spices up his ever-so-interesting feed by placing a large, inflatable Hulk statue, or other decorations somewhere on the grass, and viewers can sometimes catch him in mid-mow action too. Additional occurrences are also caught on the webcam, such as someone running up and stealing Komarnitsky's newspaper, or family members dropping by to say hello. I'm confused by who would actually be so captivated by this live stream, but then again, I recently devoted hours of my life tuning in to see April the giraffe give birth, so who am I to judge. Isn't the Internet great?

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