Northern Colorado Pride will hold a vigil and offer support to Northern Colorado communities at 8 p.m. tonight (Monday) near the stage in Old Town Fort Collins following the mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend.


All are welcome, but this is also a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ community members and allies.


Speakers at the flame-less candlelight vigil will include Rep. Joann Ginal. Support will be available on site.


Northern Colorado Pride's founder, Kimberly Chambers, released the following statement:

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, survivors, families, first responders and community of Orlando, Florida. There are never words to express our sorrow for this sort of loss and we must pull together as a community and nation to support those directly involved. We truly have #OnePulse right now.


As a community, LGBTQ Americans must show respect to the families who have lost and the first responders who came to help. As this taints our LGBT Pride month in 2016, we gather together to prove safety in numbers, to provide a space for those who would like to be close and we hold strong our fight for equality, understanding and compassion in and out of our community.


The city of Fort Collins, has vowed recognition by proclamation of LGBT Pride month and is supportive in our mission towards equity and inclusion, the state of Colorado has evidenced it is behind us politically, but as our nation sheds tears, we must not retreat to our closets out of fear, we must gather come together and make our PULSE stronger than ever.

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