Following the controversial Old Town 'body slamming' video that went viral in April, Officer Randy Klamser has been exonerated.


Last April, a nine-second cell phone video showed CSU student Michaella Surat seemingly being thrown to the ground by Officer Klasmer outside of a bar in Old Town Square, which went viral around the web.

Based on the short clip, many claimed that Fort Collins Police were using excessive force, while others supported law enforcement.

However, as of today (Thursday, June 1), Officer Klasmer has been cleared. Fort Collins Police Services announced his return on Facebook, and shared a press release from the City of Fort Collins which reads:

'After an internal investigation into an arrest in Old Town, Officer Randy Klamser has been exonerated and returned to full duty. Fort Collins Police Services will release the officer body camera videos from the arrest, but not until after the District Attorney’s prosecution has concluded...


...When the Citizen’s Review Board reviewed the investigation and concurred with the chain of command that Officer Klamser should be exonerated of any policy violations during the incident.

Read the full press release at

Following the incident, Surat appeared on Good Morning America with her side of the story. [See the video here.]

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