Love it or hate it, here in Colorado, a lot of women wear leggings as pants. But, for two young girls trying to board a United flight out of Denver International Airport -- that wasn't gonna fly

Rick Kern/Getty Images
Rick Kern/Getty Images

United Airlines is under fire for forcing two girls to change their attire, or else they would not be able to board their flight from Denver. As Nylon reported, celebs are 'tweeting out' today after two children wearing leggings as pants had to put dresses on to cover them.

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That's right, while not
all pass traveler ticket holders do have to adhere to one

Dawn Duncan, who has a 'buddy pass,' shared the following statement on Facebook today, which sheds a different light on the incident:

'If you've ever been to a restaurant or store that had a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" sign, it should be easy to understand United Airlines' dress code for pass riders. Don't let two young girls in leggings convince you their rights were violated by United simply because they/their parents either did not read the rules, or (more likely), they chose not to obey them. I've traveled as a pass rider extensively since 1996 when my college bff became a commercial pilot. She's now a 787 pilot at United. I've known since day one that flying on a pass means I'm a representative of the airline and must dress the way they request...'

She also added, 'And, don't get me wrong. I LOVE leggings!'

However, another reason people are calling out the airline company on enforcing the policy is because the two passengers were under the age of 18, one said to be just ten years old. United responded in support of the gate attendant at DIA:

I'm going to leave my opinion out of this, but I will say if leggings are on the 'no-fly' list, there are a few other things I hope United Airlines will take it upon itself to fashion police, like Crocs, toe shoes and mullets, to name a few. ;)

You can get more on the story, read angry tweets and see why people are calling out United for 'being hypocritical' here.

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