A group of students from the University of Northern Colorado, including Jasiah Snow-Marshall, a redshirt freshman defensive back on the UNC football team, should likely be considered a group of heroes thanks to their efforts on the 4th of July.

A 12-year old Greeley girl from Hill-N-Park had been reported missing, but the group of students didn't know it at the time. According to the Weld County Sheriffs Office, she is autistic and had run away from home before.

After a night out at the Greeley Stampede, the UNC students had gone to a park to watch the fireworks to end their day. While approaching the playground and the slide, they thought they saw a man hiding on the slide until they realized it wasn't a man - in fact, it was a young girl.

After a few of the group who work with children tried to speak with the girl and couldn't get a straight story on who she was or why she was there, they ultimately contacted the Greeley Police and stayed with her till they arrived.

Thanks to their decision to contact the police and not try to take the child anywhere, they discovered she was the girl who had been reported missing earlier in the day, and was ultimately reunited her with her family.

Anytime you come across a child who looks lost, it can be a scary situation - for a whole myriad of reasons. Parenting website Romper.com offers 15 Basic Rules for Approaching Lost Kids, and it's a list worth reviewing in case you're ever in the situation this group of students was put in.

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