The Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer as we know it and a welcomed three-day weekend for many workers.

Labor Day Is A Popular Holiday

Labor Day is the third most popular holiday in America, coming in behind Christmas and Memorial Day.  I know it's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving comes in at #4. And, believe this or not, 68% of people in a survey said Labor Day was their favorite holiday. Really? Who are these people? Somehow I don't think they live in Grand Junction.

For a lot of folks, it's one last chance to head to the Grand Mesa for one last camp out or fishing excursion, or maybe head to Denver for fun times. Others will stick closer to home and maybe gather with friends and family for a BBQ and a friendly game of corn hole.

Marking the End of Summer

It's weird that we consider Labor Day weekend to be the end of summer when in reality we still have two to three weeks left before summer actually comes to an end. But, I get it. School's starting up with all of the activities that go with it, and, normally, temperatures are beginning to moderate so it does feel like summer is winding down.

14 Unbelievable Labor Day Facts

Everybody loves little-known facts. Our friends at Wallethub gave us some interesting facts related to Labor Day - and I found a few others, so I wanted to share some cool tidbits with you. Here are 14 unbelievable, but true, Labor Day facts. Scroll through these factoids as you enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend.

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