Usually, we bust out this classic King-Kubrick horror classic around Halloween, but given we're all quarantining right now, what better time to watch a flick about a family in isolation in the Colorado mountains?

Heeeeeeere's — five things you may not have known about "The Shining"... (Also known as 'what isolating in Colorado would have been like without memes and tiger documentaries to keep us sane,' so thank goodness for those.

1) Jack Nicholson reportedly chopped 60 doors to film the ax scene. 

Here's an at-home workout for you! According to The Independent, 'Kubrick originally shot the scene with a fake door, but Nicholson, who once trained as a fire marshal, chopped it down too quickly.' It's been said the scene took three days to film and around 60 doors.

2) THAT AXE...

...recently sold in an auction for £172,000, which is the equivalent of over $200,000 American dollars.

3) Nicholson wasn't the only one with tired arms. 

Shelley Duvall is in the Guinness Book of Records for 'the most retakes of a single scene,' IndieWire said. The actress had to re-shoot the baseball ball bat scene 127 times.

4) The movie's based on Estes Parks' Stanley Hotel, but there's no reason to fear room 237. 

In the movie "The Shining", the infamous room number is 237. However, Stephen King's room at The Stanley was actually 217.

'[217 was] the room in which Stephen King stayed and then used for the most haunted room in the fictionalized Overlook Hotel,' Buzzfeed said. 'In the movie version of The Shining, Kubrick changed it to Room 237 (supposedly at the request of the Stanley Hotel's management.)'

5) If you want to stay in one of the rooms with paranormal activity, like the one that inspired King's The Shining, bookings start at over $400 per night. 

Maybe just stream the movie instead. The 2019 sequel, Doctor Sleep, is available online.

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