It's fairly common for criminals to use calling cards or a signature to claim a crime or taunt police. But, have you ever heard of a unicorn as a signature?

Boulder County Sheriff's Office detectives, in an investigation aptly dubbed "Operation Unicorn", have brought two suspects into custody who are allegedly involved in the crimes that have been claimed with the strange signature. The sheriff's office sent out the official release about the arrests and crimes on Aug. 5.

In an investigation that has recorded back between September 2020 and February 2021, detectives have investigated a series of crimes with damages valuing at about $115,000.

Over the course of those six months, the suspects are accused of porch piracy, several motor vehicle thefts, and vehicle trespasses. Their crimes have taken place across the Town of Lyons, City of Boulder, and City of Longmont. This is where "Operation Unicorn" got its name: the suspects had an peculiar interest in unicorn drawings and figurines that were found at different scenes throughout the investigation.

Through these signatures and other aspects of the investigation, detectives have allegedly tied the group to crimes across 12 jurisdictions in the Denver Metro area.

The three suspects are facing quite the number of charges, 53 to be exact. In total, 53 charges across 12 jurisdictions have resulted in 46 known locations in Boulder County that have been affected by this group.

Out of the three suspects for whom arrest warrants were obtained, two have been brought into custody and one is still at large. 21-year-old Michael Phillips and 36-year-old Marie Alins Roman have been arrested. 44-year-old Adrian Cisco Quintana has not been brought in, and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who has information about Quintana's whereabouts to please assist in the investigation.

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