These two locations have served the people of Loveland for years, one for decades. It's a shame to see them have to shut down.

Having grown up in Loveland, and now living in Downtown Loveland, it always hurts to see businesses in my hometown not make it, but the way things have been over the last couple of years, this seems to be more and more common.


Hokkaido came in in 2016, taking over the location that had been the local legend 'Widow McCoy's' for over 30 years. Since the pandemic closures, the marquee has continued to only say 'Now Open. Senior.' - 'Senior' as in, senior discounts, which it used to say when they were taking care of the marquee.

TSM/Dave Jensen

The restaurant did receive some good reviews while it was open.


'That little round restaurant at Lincoln and 1st Street,' Wonderful Dragon was in business for many, many years. I wish I could tell you exactly how long. I didn't frequent the establishment very much, though I was there in 2019, and it was great.

As I said, I live Downtown, so I drive by Wonderful Dragon a lot. They put up a 'temporarily closed' sign in their door a little while ago; now though, the big sign is down, the mail is piling up in their foyer, and you get the 'this number is no longer in service' message when you dial them up.

Wonderful Dragon Sign
TSM/Dave Jensen
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What businesses might be next for these locations? I think the Downtown location is prime for a little 'grocery' store: Milk, bread, band-aids.. etc.  The Eisenhower spot remains a very good location for a restaurant, with JAX across the street and a busy motel next door.

We'll just have to see, hopefully, we'll see something soon.

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