It's Tuesday, which means we've got things spinning here at The X for Turntable Tuesdays brought to you by Downtown Sound in Loveland. #getturnt

Want to win the album I am playing this week? Tune in for the first song during the Three O'Clock Throwback Track, and listen for the second track at 5 p.m. If you know the album I am playing, call 1-800-595-2943 for your chance to win it. If you need some help trying to figure it out, we've got some clues to assist you.

Remember, I don't want just the artist or the name of the songs I played, I want to know the name of the album. Good luck! 

1.This 1994 album has 17 tracks on it, and it was the last one ever made by the band.

2. The only words on the cover of the album that are not flipped backwards is the band's name and album title. Everything else is a mirror image. 

3. Here is a close up shot of the album cover:

Think you know what it is? Remember, you have to tune in, and be my first caller at 1-800-595-2943. Good luck!