It's Tuesday, which means we've got things spinning here at The X for Turntable Tuesdays brought to you by Downtown Sound in Loveland. #getturnt

Want to win the album I am playing this week? Tune in for the first song during the Three O'Clock Throwback Track, and listen for the second track at 5 p.m. If you know the album I am playing, call 1-800-595-2943 for your chance to win it. If you need some help trying to figure it out, we've got some clues to assist you.

Remember, I don't want just the artist or the name of the songs I played, I want to know the name of the album. Good luck! 

1. Your first clue: Shelby is in love with the lead singer of the band...

Shelby Taylor-Thorn, TSM/Frazer Harrison,Getty Images

...but he only dates supermodels.

Cindy Ord/ Getty Images

2. Album lyrics include: 'Tracy island, time-traveling diamond.' 

3. Here is a close up shot of the album cover:

Think you know what it is? Remember, you have to tune in, and be my first caller at 1-800-595-2943. Good luck!