In the spirit of filling out and dropping off your ballots in Northern Colorado today, we'll skip the Hillary and Trump jabs and just talk about what we know best -- music! 

The Clash and government? Hm, there is something very not punk rock about that... Did you know these rock hits were used as presidential campaign songs?

Van Halen -- 'Right Now'  As used by George W. Bush [R] (2000)

U2 -- 'Beautiful Day' As used by John Kerry [D] (2004)

The Clash -- 'Rudie Can't Fail' As used by Rudy Guiliani [R] (2008)

KT Tunstall -- 'Suddenly I See' As used by Hilary Clinton [D] 2008

The Rolling Stones -- 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' As used by Donald Trump [R] 2016

Want to see more? Check them out here.