You hate to see it… Some guitars are lucky, finding a great home with a skilled player. Others, sadly, become victims of guitar abuse, an epidemic which has become the scourge of YouTube and social media.

Do not — we repeat — do not give your guitar a bath! One person decided to share their guitar cleaning technique with the world, soaking their instrument in water and suds. Even without all the electronics inside the body of your guitar… what makes you think an axe is waterproof? Enjoy your new bent neck and rusted frets, you silly dolt.

Bar band guitarists — we know it’s tempting to bust out a solo during your act, but maybe wait until you’ve hit a certain level of skill first. Remember, a jumbled mass of notes does not equal a solo. You’re better off learning the notes of a pentatonic scale and pretending you’re a low-key blues legend than playing your guitar like a a Rubik’s Cube, and praying you'll line up all the colors. You’ll know who we’re talking about when you watch the video above.

Musicians have become memes for their counts of guitar abuse. Lil Wayne’s epic two-note solos have made the rounds for years, infuriating guitarists with each lazily plucked string. Fred Durst’s live solo during a performance of “Nevermind” had also made the Limp Bizkit frontman a living meme, but at least he tried getting his friends shagged after the fact, so we hold no malice.

Check out these 10 Tragic Guitar Abuse Moments in the Loud List above.

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