This is just one reason why I don't hunt.  I would probably be stupid, thinking "Oh, elk wander everywhere in the Rockies - they serve it at restaurants - must be perfectly fine to shoot one!

According to the Associated Press, someone living in Wyoming just happened to be watching an episode of "Hunting in the Sticks" on the Pursuit Channel.  (The episode was called "Western Redemption.")  He must've been either a hunter himself, an animal activist, or just a local trivia buff, because he noticed that the men who killed an elk in this episode were in the wrong district for hunting.

Ricky J. Mills and Jimmy G. Duncan, both from Bedford, Kentucky, pleaded guilty to several poaching violations this month. I tried to find YouTube, Facebook, or something to link to here so you could check out the show, but they were all pulled down after the court hearing.  The two guys were ordered to pay almost $31,000.

The article says hunting laws in Kentucky are similar to those in Wyoming.  Mike Ehlebracht, an investigator with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department:

"I believe the two defendants were driven to get kill-shot footage for the television show and that resulted in their making bad decisions."

So check the law before hunting.

As for elk, have you ever had any that you enjoyed eating?  I've tried it a few times, and it tastes greasy and just kind of gross to me.  Am I just getting bad cuts, or does elk meat suck?  Let me know if the comments!




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