Sunday was like any other day that I grab coffee from Starbucks. I bring my new favorite mug in to the King Soopers in Windsor to get my iced coffee with caramel and some half and half as we were heading over to a coworker's house for a Sunday Funday shindig. This day, the last day in July, still summer and something took me by surprise as we entered the parking lot. In front of the store, I notice them... The pumpkin and the ghost statues are out already. What? Really? In July? Were the words that I muttered out of my mouth, nearly dropping the mug on the floor of my car.

Matt Sparx

I can understand the end of August somewhat. But the end of July? Too soon, way too soon! I feel like every single year that the seasonal stuff creeps up a few days earlier and earlier. Now, I can totally understand the need to put out the back to school supplies as most would prefer to get that out of the way well in advance to the school year starting. I do feel that most of us are simply not ready for the ghosts and pumpkins as of yet. I want to enjoy a little bit of that mild Northern Colorado weather before we jump head first into fall. Granted, I truly enjoy fall, but July, pumpkins and ghosts don't mix... Too soon bro... Too soon. Why can't we wait until at least Labor Day for this stuff?