The Windsor community is close to our hearts, because it is our home here at 600 Main Street. May 22, 2008 is a day Windsor residents at that time will remember forever as the day a mile-wide tornado ripped through town.

While the building we broadcast from was spared any major damage, the old Windsor Mill building down the street from us was destroyed, and many residents were left devastated when their homes were left piles of debris.

Windsor Mill Before (2007)

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Windsor Mill After

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Here's what the Windsor Mill looks like now, via Greeley Tribune.

According to the Town of Windsor, the tornado that struck town on May 22 was one mile wide at times, and was 39 miles long. It injured 78 people and killed one. It was Colorado's costliest disaster with $147 million in privately insured damages.

The Town of Windsor shared photos from the 2008 tornado on Facebook with a reminder to have an emergency plan in place.

Video via Duffy Laudick on YouTube: