Sick of the same old same old in Northern Colorado? Well, as much as we all hate I-25, if you hit it north or south for an hour, you'll find yourself either in Denver, or north of the border. (No... not Canada. Think less denim-on-denim.)

We took a visit to Wyoming's state capital just a couple weeks ago, and discovered the windy city (no... not Chicago) had some hidden gems worth checking out for a weekend day trip getaway. We also have a lot of listeners in Cheyenne, and we want you to know, we appreciate YOU!

  • Ernie November

    Spencer Platt /Getty Images

    You know us, we love a good brick-and-mortar record store (and not just on Tuesdays). Think Cheyenne is all cowboy boots and Wranglers? Think again.

    This Saturday, the store will be hosting an acoustic performance from Teenage Bottlerocket's Ray Carlisle, for the release of his solo album. You can get more show info from the Wyoming Eagle Tribune here.

  • The Atlas Theatre

    Three Lions/Getty Images

    I don't know what the shows are like, but the historic venue itself is pretty cool. And, local legend has it, the building is haunted by dead prostitutes. I have not fact checked that statement.

    I'm pretty sure that's one thing you can't find in Fort Collins.

  • Fridays in the Hynds

    Fort Collins band Slow Caves was a part of the 2016 Fridays in the Hynds series. Photo - Madi Scruggs/TSM

    We heard about this concert series through one of our favorite Fort Collins bands, Slow Caves (yes, we're fan girls and no, we don't care).

    Unfortunately, this Friday (April 1) is the last show for the 2016 winter music festival. For the finale, you can check out Colorado's own Grayson Erhard performing in the abandoned-building-turned-DIY- artspace Hynds building. All proceeds from Fridays in the Hynds benefit local arts and entertainment in Cheyenne.