My favorite Tom Hanks movie is the Money Pit, where he buys a house that is the worst lemon imaginable.  The place is so old and dangerous that he almost dies numerous times.  Although there were dozens of scenes that I think deserved awards, this one was the best in terms of technical planning and production:

I don't know that this was THAT pretty when it was happening, but it was still quite a "production."

Denver Fire Department via Twitter

Boards from the scaffolding shot through the roof of a brewery below that has been working for months to open for business.

Daniel Appell, owner of the Grateful Gnome Brewery, says that, after three days since the collapse, no one had come by to address him regarding the situation.  This prompted him to place a sandwich board outside with a spray painted arrow pointing next door with letters saying "Bad Neighbor."

While no one was injured, there's no word yet on what specifically caused the scaffolding to go boom boom.