The Moxi Theater is celebrating three years here in Northern Colorado, and we're helping them celebrate tomorrow night. We love the Moxi for a lot of reasons, but here is one for each year:

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/94.3 The X

It is really clean. Like, really. I don't know what my obsession is with venues and their bathrooms. Sure the CBGB 'dive bar' look is a cool aesthetic, but it's also gross. It's just refreshing to go to a concert and not stick to the floor, and if you drop something on the bathroom floor, knowing you don't have to burn it. Keep it up, Moxi.

The staff is actually nice. I won't say any names... but as a radio gal, I've been to every venue around. I understand that working at concerts is crazy, especially when the venue is also a bar. I'm not saying that I wouldn't seem as agitated or callous as some of the staff I've encountered at shows, but I am saying the people  at the Moxi aren't like that. Shout out to Marcus with the Moxi's security for always helping The X at shows! #chivalry

It's just a 'little slice of Brooklyn in Greeley' according to Scruggs. It's got that 'old loft' ambiance... because it kind of is one, I guess. From the exposed brick to the hardwood floors to the enormous windows in the front overlooking downtown -- it's pretty pretty. There's also a disco ball and if you're lucky, Ely will turn it on during business meetings.

We'll be celebrating tomorrow night at the Moxi with Silver & Gold, 888 and Peoria, and admission is FREE before 9:43 p.m.