This week's episode of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? features Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst and guitarist Barry Stock. What's true and what's false about the immensely successful Canadian rock band? You're about to find out.

In the Three Days Grace edition of our signature segment, we begin at the very early stages of the band's lifespan. The band went by the initial names of Groundswell and the Jupiter Effect, one of which TDG admittedly stole from a different act. As for the Three Days Grace moniker, the duo explain how the name was chosen.

Moving forward, Walst and Stock clear the air about former frontman Adam Gontier and speak about performing where the musician attended rehab. Having gotten clean, Gontier returned with Three Days Grace for a special concert, which Walst and Stock speak about in this interview.

Fans are obviously familiar with Three Days Grace's Transit of Venus album, which was released the same day as Venus' visible transit across our sun. The extremely rare occurrence was used as inspiration for the record, but the story of how they chose the title is almost too strange to believe.

For all this and more, check out the Three Days Grace edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? in the video player above. Also, be sure to watch more exclusive Loudwire goodness below!

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