All the hype about Record Store Day seems to suggest you can get a whole ton of great stuff for next to nothing.  My experience has been the opposite; but it is a great opportunity to find new and/or rare releases, imports, rare color pressings, and things of the like.

This weekend, including today, here are three places that bring a lot of hope to we vinyl collectors who pride ourselves on having a killer collection of stuff that was paid for a few bucks at a time if that.

Bizarre Bizaar

Their Facebook post from late yesterday afternoon says "Wow...somebody abandoned 20 boxes of records here. Will be in the front room for sale. 50 cents a record. Starting today and for the weekend, also. Some really good stuff for 50 cents!"  They're literally urging us to save these from the landfill.  This happened once last year, too, and I actually found lots of great collectibles that I still enjoy listening to.

Lory Student Center

You only have 11-2 today, but you'll find them inside the main plaza area!

Summit Music Hall

More than 10,000 records, each for $.99, or two for one!  This is a free event tomorrow from Noon to 4.  Let's hope it's not all German Country Drinking Christmas hits from 1946-64 (no offense if that's your thing;) but, with that big of a selection, this record geek might just make the drive!  I haven't decided yet.  Rainy, cool Saturday... hmmm... maybe.

When I was working at another radio station years back, the engineer was cleaning out the back part of the building and found a Technics 1200 turntable, NEW, unopened, with the box postmarked to the radio station in 1985.  He had no need for it, and knew I was looking for a record player, and he GAVE it to me, provided I kept my mouth shut.  I'll never publish who that fine man was, but since then, almost any music in my collection prior to roughly 1988 is on vinyl, and I am a regular listener to fun 60s & 70s stuff you DON'T hear on the radio, to cool as **** 80s material that takes me back to my childhood, as well as some metal I grew up with sprinkled in.



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