If you weren't planning on watching the Grammys, you probably should now.

The 62nd Grammy Awards take place on January 26, and according to The Know by The Denver Post, Colorado-based nominees include "Boulder-based singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov, Denver native India.Arie and instrumental jam-funk band Lettuce".

You might recognize Gregory Alan Isakov's track from this charming Subaru commercial:

His album "Evening Machines" was nominated for Best Folk Album.

India.Arie was nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance for this song, "Steady Love":

Lettuce was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album "Elevate", which was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios. This song was recorded live at Terrapin Care Station in Denver:

On awards day, don't just cheer for TSwift and Lizzo...save some kudos for the three Colorado representatives who deserve some recognition for their hard work, too.


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