Estes Park may be known for their restaurants, shopping, and wildlife —  but sometimes, these things come together in ways you wouldn't expect. Last January, an elk casually made its way into the Water Wheel Gift Corner, leaving bystanders in awe as he later exited out the front door after a bit of coaxing. Guess he didn't feel like spending a buck. On Sunday morning, it seems as though more Estes wildlife couldn't resist the town's amazing offerings, when two bear cubs and their mama ripped the window right of out Antonio's Real New York Pizza drive-thru, and made themselves at home inside the restaurant. The surveillance video shows the bears going through a prep counter and trash can, but according to Antonio's Facebook page, they caused minimal damage. They did, however, get their paws on pizza dough and some salami. The owners of Antonio's let the public know that the bears were not harmed following the incident, and are glad no people were around at the time, also joking at how surprised they were that the bears didn't go after the cannolis. Antonio's reopened at noon on Sunday.

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