Cats and dogs are commonly adopted from local shelters in Northern Colorado, but there are lots of other animals in need of permanent homes too.

The Northern Colorado Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization that works with the community to both conserve and educate, as well as rescue and find homes for reptiles and amphibians.

In addition to several snakes and a chameleon, the NCOHS currently has three axolotls available for adoption – but what exactly is an axolotl anyway?

Known as the "Peter Pans" of the amphibian world, axolotls are Mexican salamanders that refuse to grow up. Unlike other types of salamanders and amphibians, this particular kind does never goes through metamorphosis, so basically they are forever babies. Even as adults, axolotls keep their juvenile traits and have the appearance of salamander larva, yet they are still capable to reproduce. In some cases, scientists have been able to inject axolotls with thyroid hormones to force them to essentially grow up.

The three axolotls that are in need of adoption are also siblings. According to NCOHS, they were born in January from an accidental clutch and are all growing quickly, so would thrive in a permanent home.


Northern Colorado Herpetological Society

Along with its two siblings, Daisy would love a home where there's plenty of space to swim and explore. Staff says they are super fun to watch swim around!


Northern Colorado Herpetological Society

According to NCOHS, all three axolotls are eating well and will follow staff around their enclosures begging for more food. Who knew an amphibian could be so much like a dog?


Northern Colorado Herpetological Society

The last of the clutch is Tulip. Staff explains that these aquatic pets are perfect for people who like to keep their house on the cooler side. Axolotls do require lower temperature waters than other species of amphibians.

If you're interested in adopting one of the axolotls above, or another amphibian or reptile, visit

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