In case you missed it, this week on The X has been all about reggae rock, new music and Northern Colorado summer feels. So, let's get caught up. 

On Wednesday's segment of LOCAL X, Fort Collins band Write Minded joined me in the studio to talk about The Voice (#TeamAdam), rooftop parties at the Downtown Artery and how great it is to get to call FoCo 'home.'

Write Minded has only been around for a little over a year, and that's actually kind of hard to believe. I saw the seven of them perform at the Aggie during FoCoMX 8, and they seriously rocked it, and reminded me a lot of Sublime with Rome (Listen: 'Wherever You Go') and Dirty Heads.

On Thursday, May 19, Write Minded will be playing at Hodi's Half Note in support of Rawtune.

The band's video was shot by Hudson Bloom of PHOCO around Horsetooth Reservoir and at the Downtown Artery in Old Town Fort Collins, representing exactly what the band describes as their 'perfect day' in Northern Colorado.

Also, Speaking of Dirty Heads, they dropped a new song, 'That's All I Need,' this week. I really wish it would stop raining because this is the perfect roll-down-the-windows-and-cruise-through-Colorado song. You can now hear it spin on 94.3 The X -- Enjoy...  [NSFW]