In the studio, I have a giant 1996 promotional poster for Rage Against the Machine's single 'People of the Sun' from the band's Evil Empire record. It's been there for years, and I haven't really paid much attention to it, aside from the time someone stuck a mustache on Zack de la Rocha

It wasn't until yesterday that someone said, 'Hey, I never realized Tim Commerford is wearing a Broncos hat in that photo.' Obviously, I hadn't either. To my knowledge the LA band doesn't have any ties to Colorado, but 'Timmy C' (also a member of Audioslave), is just a true fan of the orange and blue.

In 2016, he was seen in Broncos gear while performing at Red Rocks.  Reddit users took note, commenting, 'I was surprised to find out that Tim Commerford was a Broncos fan, also he has a custom bass guitar with Broncos stuff on it.' Another user added, 'I immediately thought 'Pandering to the local crowd- as a lot of entertainers do,' but he is a legit Broncos fan. Nice one.''

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