There's a movie coming out in January that looks like such a tear jerker that it made me cry on a date - I know it'll make you cry, too.

Thank God the rest of this date went well and this guy didn't end it after going to the movies, because I was about to bawl watching the trailer for A Dog's Purpose. (Kidding, he wouldn't have ended it because of that!) And while I may have cried watching the animated version of Frankenweenie, I vow to watch A Dog's Purpose without any makeup on because I know this is going to be a Kim Kardashian ugly cry moment for me.

Me with my childhood pet, Buddy. Mollie Kendrick/TSM

The movie, based on the 2010 novel by W. Bruce Cameron, is about a sweet little doggie named Bailey who learns life lessons every time he's reincarnated as a new dog. The story begins with his best human friend, a boy he grows up with through child and doghood until Bailey passes away. When the boy is in middle age (enter Dennis Quaid), he's reunited with Bailey...but as a different dog!

Having grown up with my sweet little chihuahua, Buddy, for 16 years, I immediately began to fight back tears from the beginning of this trailer. Memories of growing up with my childhood pet (oh God, the tears are returning as I write this) began to flood in as I thought, I really hope Buddy comes back into my life when I'm as old as Dennis Quaid.


Before watching the trailer below, whip out the box of tissues. You're definitely going to need them!


    I can only imagine my other chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, was a water dog in a previous life. Look at those little chicken wings and legs GO!