When it comes to nests, you probably think about birds. I have seen at least four or five bird nests in my backyard this year. The baby blackbirds make a familiar screeching that we have become familiar with over the last couple of years. Sometimes the baby blackbirds will end up out of the nest and around our patio. My wife and I just leave them be and eventually they fly off.

Birds are not the only animals that make nests for their young. Oddly enough, some fish do as well. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shared a photo on Facebook showing what it looks like with Bluegill fish create a nest. The male Bluegill will sweep the pond or lake floor with their tail fins, creating a shallow nest.

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Once the female lays the eggs, the male will then chase her off and protect the eggs until they hatch at around the five-day mark. This is what a Bluegill's nest looks like:

I found this to be quite interesting and knew you would as well. The next time you are at the lake or a pond and happen to see a depression like this in the water, you will now know what it is.

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Facebook 

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