We know that Idaho's got potatoes, Wisconsin has cheese, Maine has lobster and Kentucky has fried chicken, but what does Colorado have? (And I mean besides edibles, people.)

Paul Katz/ThinkStock

Although, it is green! Chile Verde was named as the best food in Colorado by the Cooking Channel (check out the recipe here), which also named a 'best' food for all fifty states. Now I really want to travel.

Since beer isn't a food, I don't really know what else would be Colorado's 'best.'

I do love me some green chili. In fact, one of my best friend's dads makes some that's so bomb thatI, a vegetarian of six years, will eat it even though it's loaded with pork. It's just that good.

If you're like me, you're craving it now. Where can you find it? Keep your eyes out for the Daco's Green Chile food truck around Northern Colorado, or you can check out Lupita's by City Park Fort Collins (four stars) or Jeff's Green Chili in downtown Loveland.