No, you read that right. Take a look inside the Colorado mountain vacay chateau that could run you over $20K for just one night. 

Just when I thought my rent in Fort Collins was lookin' pretty bad... This Colorado 'castle' in Aspen has six bedrooms, but sleeps 25. Castle Rim ranges from $19,300 to $27,500 per night, but even if all 25 guests chipped in, that's still over $700 minimum each. Ouch. 

Better be worth it, but here's what you get:

'Castle Rim is a stunning mountain villa in the heart of Aspen, less than a mile from the town center and ski resort... this six-bedroom luxury vacation rental is ideal for large families and destination wedding guests seeking exquisite privacy and luxury within easy reach of Colorado's finest slopes and trails.


...Enjoy long afternoons in the lounge, stay toasty around the fire pit, and treat yourself to a delicious soak in the hot tub. In the afternoon, fire up the grill for some classic Western barbeque, then gather around the alfresco dining table for sixteen to relish a hearty dinner in the alpine air.'

- Luxury Retreats

Here's what it looks like (and see more here):

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