There's definitely no shortage of amazing restaurants throughout Colorado, but one Denver establishment is especially to die for. 

Mostly because Linger Eatuary is the site of a former famed funeral home – Olinger Mortuaries, which once even housed the body of Buffalo Bill Cody. The new owners have decided to embrace the morbid history of the building, transforming the space into a trendy bar and restaurant with deathly decor. Rather than “Olinger Mortuaries," the neon sign now reads “Linger Eatuaries,” and the interior is filled with reminders of the pallid past, including a host stand made from an antique church pew, coffin shaped menus, vintage funeral fans hanging on the walls, water that's served from formaldehyde bottles, and even glass-topped metal conveyor belts used for tables. The main dining room was once the garage where hearses loaded bodies for burial, and the upper bar formerly acted as the mortuary's viewing room. Stories of strange energies coming from the kitchen have been reported by restaurant staff, which makes sense as that area used to be where the embalming took place. Regardless of it's eerie past, Linger always draws in crowds of people dying to try their killer menu and also wanting to take in views and brews from the hip rooftop bar.

If you plan on giving them a visit, Linger Eatuary is located at 2030 West 30th Avenue in Denver.

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