Ok, so the snow might be a hassle for us, but for our furry friends, it's just another day in paradise.

Many areas of Northern Colorado received nearly two feet of snow yesterday and into Monday morning, with winter storm Xylia quickly becoming one of the heaviest snows in Colorado's history. Plows are working hard in metro areas, while those in residential areas are stuck inside.

However, the lions are out to play.

According to 9News,

"Once zookeepers were able to make Benson Predator Ridge safe for its inhabitants, some of the braver residents ventured out into what is now the fourth biggest snow in Denver's recorded history."

The lions not only ventured out but, thanks to the adorable video below, we can see that they really are just playing around like big dogs. Check it out for yourself:

So, do lions like the snow? A website called "Idaho Ask a Scientist" from Idaho Falls Zoo covers the topic, since many asked about lion's living conditions in zoos when the weather gets cold.

Lions have a nice, cozy den area for when it gets too cold, but remember that they have thick coats, therefore during the winter days they can head outside and experience the snow with the same enthusiasm as our beloved four-legged pals.

Thanks to the Denver Zoo for putting a smile on our faces today.

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