Here in radio, we understand that when you're live on air... well, we've all had some flubs we wish we could take back. We also understand that our friends in TV have it a little worse. 


Thanks to YouTube, it's a little harder for TV news anchors to leave those moments in the past. However, being able to look back and laugh about our mistakes is essential -- and something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

Not to mention, these local news outtakes will give you a good giggle, too.

This 9NEWS anchor knew his tongue-twister would wind up on YouTube, and handled his call-out to Hooters like a champ.

Then there are those poor weather reporters that have to go stand out in the snow, in order to tell us just how badly it is snowing. We don't expect a live broadcast to go well when you can't feel your face... but whoa! That wind is awesome.

Sure, we all have that co-worker that we just butt heads with, but let's not forget about those times when Kyle Clark and Kathy Sabine just couldn't keep the tension off camera, making us all a little uncomfortable while watching the evening news. (Although, I'll always be #TeamKyle.)

"Yeah, let's stay off YouTube, shall we?"

And then, probably the best/worst of them all, was that uh, you know, that ended up on this FOX31 morning show broadcast. [This video link is NSFW]

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