Ever toilet paper a tree?  It's fun, it's easy - and if you're a pro, it even looks pretty when it's done.  But, we've kinda been there and done that.

Clear back last year my girls started a game on their trampoline where they toss their favorite toys up into the tree, then use other toys to knock them down.

Yeah... That didn't end like they hoped.  Instead, we ended up with a huge tree full of stuff in it, and it was questionable whether or not I'd even be able to get it all down - until last weekend when they got a visit from a very motivated cousin.

It would've taken a couple hours for him to get all these items down, so I borrowed my neighbor's beau coups tall step ladder and poked the remaining items down with a six-foot paint pole.  Admittedly, by that point we were down to two My Little Ponys, so it could've been worse.

You know how, when you're going up a ski lift, there are tons of beads (and sometimes panties, for some reason) draped all over trees?  I guess we can prepare for a lot more of that!!

Part of me would like to have left the tree like that for good, but a year was plenty.

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM



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