Do you remember New Kids on the Block playing the 'Bowl?  Well I remember proudly wearing a black t-shirt with white block letters that said "New Kids Suck" and getting lots of laughs.  But I'm not sure I was even watching Super Bowls that far back.

This game is a different kind of playoff to me, because growing up around numerous hardcore football nuts, I always attended those gatherings for the party, but never really got into the game.  Don't get me wrong:  I have my favorite teams and I like it when they win.  But dude:  Trying to get me to sit down and watch anything for more than two hours is no easy feat, and if you succeed, it had better be a killer comedy.  So, much like this is a sports playoff for them, it's a party-off for me.  Actually, it's the one time a year there's a football game on TV at my house.

By the way, I'm not sure these are truly controversial, but they are all really weird.  Here goes:

Five of the Most "Controversial" Moments at Super Bowl Halftime Shows

 1.  The Super Bowl didn't start using pop acts for its halftime shows until 1991 . . . when they went with New Kids on the Block.  Before that, it was just Disney floats, marching bands, and variety show stuff.

But in 1989, they tried a throwback, 1950s theme.  It featured a terrible Elvis impersonator, who doubled as a magician.  And he did some sort of interactive, singing card trick.  It's really bizarre:

(Credit projectabsurd via YouTube)

2.  When New Kids did perform in 1991, they did a kids-themed show, because Disney was producing it.  They even sang "This One's for the Children," the song that they warned about having a "very serious message."

But a lot of people didn't even get to see the show live, because halftime was pre-empted by a news report on the Gulf War.

3.  In 1995, there was an Indiana Jones theme with Patti LaBelle, Tony Bennett, a Harrison Ford impersonator, and an army of shirtless male dancers paying homage to the game trophy:

(Credit MoedredTV via YouTube)

4.  Most of these aren't really "controversial," but in 2004 it obviously was.  That's when Justin Timberlake gave us the notorious "wardrobe malfunction," by exposing Janet Jackson's bejeweled nipple for about one second.  Heeeeere's that again:

(Credit Les Amis de MIMI 2 via YouTube)

5.  In 2007, Prince was the headliner, and he used an interestingly-shaped guitar during "Purple Rain".  A sheet dropped down, and the silhouette of him playing the guitar looked a little phallic and NSFW:

(Credit Esteban Nahuelán via YouTube)

Hit up to see the whole list in chronological order.

Most of them are interesting, but not all of them are controversial.  Like remember the "Left Shark" phenomenon during Katy Perry's show a few years ago?  It's on the list, although it's unclear what the "controversy" was.

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