Drew is selling his car, and the X Girls are taking it over and turning it into something fabulous (or possibly creepy).

Subaru Sally, Drew's beloved silver 1999 Subaru Outback with 5-speed manual transmission has gotten a lot of love over the years, but after 135,385 miles traversing through the Wild West, and waiting hours on end for the Fort Collins train to pass, it's time for them to part ways via Craigslist.

Shelby, Scruggs, and I have come up with some ideas on what we (or you) could do with Subaru Sally.

By the way, if you buy Subaru Sally, you can't rename her.

  • 1

    Mobile X Studio

    This is kind of a no-brainer for us. It would be really helpful to have a car to do our remotes shows on the road without having to leave lovely air conditioned vehicle such as Subaru Sally.

  • 2

    Mobile Marijuana Dispensary

    There's plenty of room for hydroponics in the back...

  • 3

    Raised Garden Bed

    Just drive that puppy into the garden, plant a bed of pansies in the trunk, and you've got yourself a raised flower bed. (Also, maybe put a fountain in there!)

  • 4

    Acoustic Venue

    94.3 The X presents: The Hatchback Sessions.

  • 5

    Smootharu Smoothie Car

    Save little kids' day just like the ice cream man, except you'll be selling frozen drinks out of the back of the silver Smootharu...and it will probably look really creepy.

  • 6

    Candy Factory

    A travelling candy factory - who doesn't want one of those? *u want sum of mah candeh?*

  • 7

    Ecto-1 Car

  • 8

    Time Machine

    Because everyone wants a flippin' badass time machine.

  • 9

    Giant Hipster Toboggan

    Saw the top half of the car off, remove the wheels, and you're all set for winter!

  • 10

    Potentially Sketchy Airbnb

    With a built-in sound system, air conditioning, and lightning protector shell, this makes the ultimate Fort Collins Airbnb. There's even enough room to do yoga in the back!

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