It hasn't been a week since someone brought it to my attention that Frontier Airlines - formerly run by a full staff out of Denver, but now completely outsourced - has shrunk its seats and tray tables down to nearly child size, then started charging for a more comfortable-sized area in which to sit, and also has no problem charging you for both carry-on and checked bags... Now, this:

I have a saying:  "People in seemingly any relationship deserve each other."  Sounds callous, I know.  But, technically, every person in nearly every situation has the choice to quietly vacate - or, in many cases, improve the situation by putting forth some unselfish effort.

That said, the passenger who was forcefully removed, and United, deserved each other.  Was it a huge injustice that this guy had to be removed because United did a horrible job of booking its flight?  You bet.  But, as a presumably intelligent, possibly even mature, grown human being, he should've understood what his choices actually were in this situation.  I wouldn't have reacted the way he did when I was 17 (although I did lose some angst by shattering an occasional plate on the cook line at my job - different blog for later.)

Grow up and give each other a break, folks.  Think about how you're spending your time, of which we only get so much.

And thank God I hardly ever fly these days!!!  Sounds scary.  When I do, however, I am still fascinated by the fact that we can even do such a thing.  Then, all the inconveniences involved become ancillary.  And I enjoy my travels.

In case I haven't made my point:  Fast forward to 4:13 on this:

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