Since forming in Texas in 2008, The Unlikely Candidates have taken the world by storm with hits like "Novocaine" and "High Low."

However, this success didn't come without its challenges — namely, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many spent the early days of the pandemic binge-watching Tiger King, but the band focused on connecting with fans through virtual streaming sessions and creating their debut album, Panther Island, over Zoom.

"Novocaine" — The Unlikely Candidates

"A lot of the vocals from the album are just recorded next to a bunch of my clothes in my closet," The Unlikely Candidates' Kyle Morris told 94.3 The X. "We weren't even planning on sitting down and just writing a full album like that, so if it weren't for the pandemic, this album probably wouldn't exist in that form."

The album features previously released songs and new tracks, including "How I Am," a deeply personal song about the loss of Morris' friend.

"I lost one of my best friends to suicide. I kind of sat down and wrote this song as a way to deal with it," said Morris. "I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to put it out at first because it felt like a bit much, but I talked with everybody and they were like 'if it can help you, then maybe it can help other people.' That's how it ended up making it to the record."

"How I Am" — The Unlikely Candidates

While "How I Am" isn't an easy song to perform, the band is enjoying being back on the road and hopes to return to Colorado soon.

"We love it here," said member Cole Male. "There's good food, there's good people, and people just come out to shows here. [Colorado] has good fans."

Hopefully, the band's future shows won't result in any broken bones. Morris once missed out on a, uh, hangout session with Sublime after breaking his foot onstage — something his bandmates love to remind him about.

Hear more of the band's stories and new album insights by listening to the full 94.3 The X interview with The Unlikely Candidates below.

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