On December 14, several visitors at Morrison's Mount Falcon Park were caught off guard when they spotted a pig running loose on the trails.

Colorado is known for having diverse and abundant wildlife throughout the state, including elk, moose, and bears, but feral pigs are not included on that list. Rangers made that clear to concerned park-goers who called to report the pig last week, but as the swine saga continues, we might just end up with wild pigs after all.

Joking aside, park rangers have now been made aware that there's a total of five pigs on the lam at the Jefferson County location. The curious porkers, including two pregnant sows, escaped from their home through an open gate last week and have been living (at) large ever since. Park rangers have learned the owner of these pigs is a neighbor of Mount Falcon Park.

Ranger Jason noted that there have been multiple swine sightings on the south side of the park near Tower Trail and Meadow Trail, as well as by Parmalee Trail during the past week. These locations are within about a half-mile from each other.

The weather has been pretty mild in that region of Colorado, but once it starts to snow, rangers expect the pigs to come searching for food and shelter. For now, the five runaways are just enjoying a stinkin' good walk in the pork.

Individuals who locate any of these pigs should contact Jefferson County Animal County at 303-271-5070 or Jefferson County Park rangers. In addition, their owner, Chris can be reached at 720-723-0029.

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