I've got spirits in my head that I hope go after this creepy Ouija board session with The Strumbellas.

Last month at our 1st birthday party bash, Izzy Ritchie and Dave Ritter of The Strumbellas were brave enough to sneak away to a seemingly normal conference room at the Anheuser-Busch tour center to have a completely creepy conversation with the spirit of an elderly woman named Lorri. (Because with a song called "Spirits," you know I had to ask them to talk to spirits with Drew and myself.)

But before we address the question, Who the hell names their child Lorri with 2 "Rs," see this conversation for yourself in the video below. (Also, that's my face giggling at their rep, Michael Starr, who was totally freaked out the entire time!)

But seriously...Lorri? Maybe she has an accent and she rolls her Rs? Who knows!


    At the end of their set, The Strumbellas their fans, and our listeners sang "Happy Birthday" to us. Thanks, everyone!