Back in February, there was a group of six Canadians (Is that a flock? A gang? A gaggle?) who had been haunting my personal playlist for weeks with their catchy new song, but there was no sage burning or exorcism happening here because I wanted that ‘Spirit’ to stick around -- and oh boy, it has. In fact, this spirit has really come to life on the alternative charts, as The Strumbellas approach... number one! There are just a couple pilots (or twenty-one) to bump out of the way ;)

Jon Hembrey of The Strumbellas took the time to say thank you to YOU, our 94.3 The X listeners, here in Northern Colorado for taking 'Spirits' to the top:

How cool, right? You can hear The Strumbellas' song, 'Spirits' on 94.3 The X.