FX's spinoff network FXX has proven something of a challenge for the company in its initial months, recently forcing 'Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell' into an early grave, but it seems the cable network offshoot will finally start turning some major heads. 'The Simpsons' has licensed their first 24 seasons to FXX in a major syndication deal that will also see America's favorite animated family available on demand for the very first time.

While the nine-figure deal to land 'The Simpsons'' first cable syndication run seems inordinately complicated, the major bullet points to note are that FXX will begin airing reruns from the first 24 seasons of the long-running FOX comedy in August 2014, with additional seasons to be added after airing on FOX. That is to say, FXX will begin airing episodes from the current 25th season once FOX has premiered season 26.

Don't expect on-demand development to bring 'The Simpsons' to services like Netflix or Amazon, however, as FXX's deal will put episodes available to stream on the soon-to-launch FXNOW mobile app, while also offering the show via FXX on demand. “'The Simpsons' is indisputably one of the greatest shows in television history,” said FX president John Landgraf in a statement. ”We are honored to have it associated with FX Networks and FXX.”

Keep in mind, that while rights to 'The Simpsons' opened up a bidding war among cable networks, FXX's connection to 20th Century Fox didn't prevent an impressive price tag to the series, which "is believed to be the biggest [syndication] deal ever." Oftentimes major sitcoms like 'The Big Bang Theory' can run over $1 million per episode, from a pool of 100 installments. 'The Simpsons' has upwards of 500 episodes across the first 24 seasons alone. Yeesh.

What say you? Are you happy to see 'The Simpsons' made more widely available by FXX in August 2014? Where would you have wanted to see syndication rights for Springfield land? And how many times will we see this GIF in the next few days?

The Simpsons FXX Syndication Streaming Deal

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