For the first time since 2015, the cost of a camping permit will increase in Colorado's state parks. 

Why the hike? Well, inflation, really. Oh, and toilet paper. If you want TP in state parks, you're just gonna have to pay a little more, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Rebecca Ferrell (Aspen Times). Just to clarify, we do want TP, please. Thank you.

Starting in 2019, campsite prices will reportedly increase, however, by no more than $13 per night, but prices will vary depending on the type of camp site. According to Fox21 News, 'daily state parks passes will increase by $1, which will make them $8 at most parks,' and annual park passes could reach $80.

Hunting and fishing licences for Colorado's 41 state parks will also be affected by a price increase. You can check out what prices will be changing in 2019 via the Denver Post's The Know HERE.

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