The Post Chicken and Beer is no stranger to success. The fried chicken joint had already spread to several locations in Colorado before deciding to make a stop in Fort Collins: Lafayette, Longmont, Rosedale, Boulder, Estes Park, and LoHi all get a delicious Post of their own.

So, why Fort Collins? The owners loved the central location of the old IHOP building at 1002 South College Ave and the potential it brought to their business. Not only that but owners Brett Smith, Dave Query, and Dana Query had their own personal attachment to the space. Dave Query told me this heartwarming story during my dinner:

When Dana was a freshman at CSU, she was 17 years old and her father died. In honor of his death, she designed a tattoo-- they were actually working on a tattoo together. He died in the summer, and she finished the tattoo in this IHOP, smokin' cigarettes and drinking coffee at two in the morning because she didn't have a fake ID at 17. She sat here by herself and designed the tattoo that is on her arm today in this very building.

The owners are well-aware that everyone in Fort Collins has a heartwarming story in the old IHOP-- for me, it was staying up late with my friends during finals week and scarfing down midnight pancakes-- and they hope that The Post can easily become a part of Fort Collins culture, too.

According to The Post's website, the kitchen is run by chef (and co-owner) Brett Smith and focuses on its Colorado roots, serving up gluten-free fried chicken that's so iconic, it was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. 

OK, OK, what did I think? I thought the fried chicken was crispy and juicy-- not dry in any way. The sides shone: the green chile mac and cheese is an absolute must, and don't skip out on the full size. Not only that, but I thought the beer was flavorful and light, not too heavy-- perfect for a fried-up meal.

Check out pictures from our experience and my highlights from the night right here:

The Post Chicken and Beer Serves Up Delish FoCo Eats

I had an incredible experience at The Post Chicken and Beer's new location in Fort Collins. Here's what I tried:

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