60,000 people are expected at the annual Great American Beer Festival happening now through Saturday in Denver. Here's the one thing folks might seek, but won't find.

It's been going on for nearly 40 years. The 38th Great American Beer Festival is a 'pretty big deal' as they say, and it's going on now.

I've known folks who have gone and it sounds like a madhouse, so I haven't really been too upset when tickets for the event sell out so quick.

In a recent interview with Denverite.com, the spokesperson for GABF made mention of something that I found kind of interesting, but not shocking.

Hard seltzers won't be poured at GABF. 

Hard seltzers are definitely becoming very popular with craft breweries as of late, but the spokesperson said that they are definitely not letting brewers showcase any at this year's event.

Which does make sense... Sour beers, for example, are trendy and ARE beer; hard seltzers are trendy but they ARE NOT beer.

Get more on the festival from Denverite.com HERE.

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