Throughout the history of pop culture, we've definitely seen certain fads and trends that have caught on in a huge way, then end up slowly fading into oblivion, only to be remembered on VH1 "I Love the 80's" specials and the like. However, some of these retro fads, for example, high-waisted jeans and midriff shirts, have gone full-circle, and are now making epic come backs. Besides clothing, another major craze from the good ol' days is quickly spinning its way back into mainstream culture.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl LP and EP sales are currently the highest they have been since the year 1988. Despite the rate at which we are seeing technology progress as time goes on, it seems as though Americans still have a strong connection with things that bring us a sense of nostalgia, such as vinyl albums. Not only do people have appreciation for the classic vinyls that can be found digging through bins at the thrift store, but more and more present-day artists are releasing vinyl versions of their new albums. In fact, in 2015 vinyl sales earned more revenue than the music industry made on all ad-supported, free streaming services like YouTube and Spotify combined, bringing in a total of $416 million, compared to $385 million from the latter sources. In one year alone, vinyl records saw a 32 percent increase in sales. This stat does not take into account online radio services like Pandora, or paid subscription services though.

With Record Store Day happening on Saturday, April 16, there's no better excuse to go and pick out a vinyl to add to your collection. A slew of artists are even putting out special releases for the occasion, including The Flaming Lips, Bob Dylan, and Florence and the Machine. Click here for a list of all of the exclusive Record Day releases.

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